Is it necessary to perform a new Wudu for each prayer or can several prayers be performed with a single Wudu?

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It is preferable to perform a new Wudu for each prayer, however, a person with Wudu can perform several prayers with a single Wudu, as evidenced by the blessed hadiths:

Hazrat Baridah (R.A) narrated that on the day of the conquest of Makkah, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) performed all the prayers with one Wudu and wiped his Mozay (Leather socks). Hazrat Omar (R.A) asked the Holy Prophet (PBUH): O Messenger of Allah (PBUH)! You have done something that has never been done before! The Prophet (PBUH) said: “O Omar! I have done this on purpose.

Muslim, Al-Sahih, Kitab al-Taharah, Chapter Juz-e-Salawat, Kalha-Bu-Wudhu-Wahid, 1:232, Number: 277

Imam Bukhari narrated on the authority of Hazrat Suwayd bin Nu’man (R.A) that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) performed the Asr prayer and then performed the Maghrib prayer without performing new Wudu.

Commenting on the above hadiths, Imam Yahya bin Sharaf Nawi says that as long as a person is not Wudu, he can perform multiple obligatory and nafl prayers with one Wudu.

Nawi, Sharh Sahih Muslim, 2: 178, 177

Allah and His Messenger know best.

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